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The sheriff "quietly" explodes!

Minimalist and subtle in terms of payload, this student tells a daunting story about having to make sense of the senseless when you are the one being sensed.


This class had to deliver a "creative" project of their choice - that's it. Use web tools to create anything... While attending all his classes as "LD Sheriff", Ladarrin took the challenge head on and promised to have the website explode, literally! Yeah right quipped his teacher. It better explode for real the teacher continued. It's a graphic sad story, celebrating the misfit in us, heroes in our minds. The choice of imagery, the navigation of the site, the HTML barn elements, they all suck the visitor in until the website LITERALLY explodes! Really. It even disentegrates and vanishes...

  • Student Name:

    Ladarrin Holman

  • Category:


  • Class:

    Intermediate Web Dev pt 2 by SCDM

  • Date:


  • Tags:

    creativity, using web tools, explosion

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