A future technologist? Dream on!

Like the binary language of computers - zero's and one's - someone that shows interest in computers at a young age, what could go wrong? Or right?

The Dapper Chemist-ian?

A trip into the world of science with developers of the future

The sheriff "quietly" explodes!

Minimalist and subtle in terms of payload, this student tells a daunting story about having to make sense of the senseless when you are the one being sensed.


Proof that CODING is the gateway to infinite possibilities...


With the proper skillset, one can provide the services missing in a community.

The Flower B

How learning to code naturally lights the entrepreneurial spirit in anyone.

A Teacher's Dream

When students become teachers - the power of imagination when you learn how to code.

Nutrition For Online Learners

Whoever said kids don't believe in healthy habits has not met this young developer yet!

Promise Enterprises

Learning how to code can help spark the entrepreneurial spirit of any your girl.

Water Pollution

Empowering a young advocate for climate change

Fruit Blast

What a 9 year-old boy delivers after less than 3 months

Basketball Hoops Pro

Final project at completion of Introduction to Web Development pt-1 class.

Anime Solar

Final project submitted by a student from the first ever class at end of 9 months.

About Me

A graphic-rich about me page.

How To Create A Sunflower

First HTML project after 2 months of classes using basic HTML.

A Young Artist First Portfolio

First online portfolio by a young talented graphic artist.

MAG's Cakes 'N' More

At only 8 years old, this student demonstrated an early passion for web design.

Covid Superheroes

An expert in Microsoft Technologies with strong familiarity in software engineering concepts.

A Splendid Muted Resume

A muted table layout for a easy to read resume.